Aleksandra Smilek

Artistic Director

Creative Technologist

“Enable creativity in all collaboration”

I’m a Paris based creative technologist and urban alchemist working on engaging interactive experiences that connects people with art and technology. I'm using innovative art field, digital & urban art, philosophy and advertising trends to enable creatives experiences. I got a master degree in philosophy, a 6 years long practice in managing creative productions and businesses. Serial entrepreneur I opened an art gallery in Paris, a co-working studio space for creative industries and I’m working curently as the creative director of EP7. 
I love working with companies and startups looking for new ways to advertise and retail. 




SIVA DE TAO GROUP - Roy Ascott Studio

Curator and speaker 


Cultural programmation and digital development of the EP7, Cultural Center dedicated to Digital art & Creative industries. 

Artist Santiago Torres

Artist : John Amon

Paintbot.AI  is a robot IOT with a program able to create a new product dedicated to the need of restoration of street art artwork created on the building walls. This project was developped in order to introduce the urban art inside the smartcity. Creative smartool can allow people to create inside the city and respond to the cultural need of restaoration of artworks made on buildings.


Apollo n+1

Apollo n+1 is A social art project involving a ceramic Artwork made in collaboration with the artist HADAKi scanned into 3D and reproduced in smal scale with 3D printing in order do create a collaborative artwork for the dwelers of Paris.

Creative Smart City, a Data driven architecture. 

Crea team Smilok & Jonathan Lefebvre.


A connected table that will make you taste the pixels

Scale Waves
Data Art telling the story about Digital Bank. 

With Johan Barron Lanteigne, Smilok, Sam Neurohack 

Data are interpreted poetically, creating and encounter of changing world and the realms of artistic expression. 

The Data Art ‘Scale Waves’ will lure the public into a parallel experience of data visualisation in three acts such an opera.  

Bitgallery, creating a marketplace for creative assets on blockchain technology 

BitGallery is a platform tuned to the needs of artists, creative industries, corporations looking to exchange services, artworks and technologies. 

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Studio space  

100, rue de Charenton 


Galerie Jed Voras
18, rue de Patay

Contact : +33 (0)663213764

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